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Management systems / OHS trainings

Measurements of parameters (concentration, intensity) of harmful physical, chemical or biological factors, if present or suspected in the company, should be made within one month from the date when an establishment is commissioned. Such obligations are imposed by the Regulation of the Minister of Health of 2 February 2011 on testing and measuring harmful factors in the work environment (Journal of Laws 2011.33.166 as amended). Measurement results must not be concealed, and all employees should be informed about them.


Monitoring of Workplace Environment


Monitoring of workplace environment in the scope of compounds hazardous for health is performed on the basis of  Polish Standard PN-Z-04008-7:2002/Az1 as well as regulations included in art. 85-95 of  Law of Protection of Environment. (Dz.U.2017.519 with updates), decree of Minister of Labour and Social Policy (Dz.U.2017.1348 with updates) and decree of Minister of Environment (Dz.U.2012.1031).


On this basis we define the scope and method of air quality monitoring as well as methods and criteria for evaluating of compounds which can be expected in a particular workplace. In case of request from our client we can carry out measurements on any other specific compound. Close collaboration with laboratories allows the collection and analysis within the internationally accepted accreditation. Thanks to advantages we provide our customers are leading companies which not only expect an attractive price and high quality service, but also promptness.


VICESIMA performs monitoring of workplace environment using a method of individual dosimetry. The assessment is mainly required by inspection bodies like inspection of hygiene or Environmental Inspectorate. The monitoring determines concentration of compounds hazardous for life and health of employees.


Lighting measurements


We perform lighting measurements based on Polish Standard PN-EN 12464 -1:2012. Light and lighting of workplaces. Part 1. Indoor workplaces, as well as the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Labour and Social Policy of 26 September 1997 on general provisions on occupational health and safety (Section 26.2: “An employer, regardless of daylighting, should provide electric lighting of parameters in line with Polish standards”).


Lighting intensity measurements are made with the use of an L-100 digital lux meter no. 860/2016 by SONOPAN with a G.L-100 860/2016 photometric head. On the basis of obtained results, we calculate the lighting intensity and evenness at the workstation.


Measurements of air purity in microbiological terms


We carry out tests in the area of microbiology, determining the microbiological purity of air. We conduct quantitative and qualitative determinations of microorganisms (bacteria and fungi) present in open- and closed-space air.


We carry out the tests based on Polish standards PN-89/Z-0411/01, PN-89/Z-0411/02 and PN-89/Z-0411/03 and the provisions contained in Articles 85 to 95 of the Act of 27 April 2001 - Environmental Protection Law (Journal of Laws 2017.519, as amended) as well as standards and recommendations of European Union Member States in the field of microbiological air testing.


Sampling for testing is made with the use of an aspiration and sedimentation method. Our samples are collected using high-quality equipment and media, and later tested in accredited laboratories, thanks to which we provide the best quality and high accuracy of determination of the air purity in microbiological terms.


Noise measurements


Thanks to cooperation with many accredited laboratories (PCA), we have extended the scope of our services by noise measurements:

  • measurements of noise in the environment {industrial, traffic, railway, air noise},
  • measurements of noise at workstations {noise measurements in the audible frequency band, measurements of infrasound noise, measurements of ultrasonic noise},
  • round-the-clock monitoring measurements,
  • noise measurements of industrial machines and devices.


To carry out acoustic measurements in the environment, we mainly use SVAN 948 meters equipped with 4- and 10-meter stands and weatherproof kits, thanks to which we are able to conduct round-the-clock measurements.


Microclimate tests at the workstation


Proper microclimate in the work environment is an important factor affecting employees’ health, well-being and performance.


An employee is usually not aware of the impact of microclimate conditions for as long as they ensure normal functioning, but to achieve them, a series of tests should be carried out based on applicable standards for temperature, relative air humidity and air velocity.


VICESIMA offers tests that consists in determining current microclimate conditions and discussing potential test results, so that you can see to improving their quality in your rooms, and thus the well-being of your employees, which will certainly affect their performance. Check our service OHS Outsourcing


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