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Water pollution research

Environmental Monitoring

VICESIMA performs tests, analyses and assessments of the environment condition as well as the changes in the environment. We monitor the environment on a countrywide and local scale e.g. in the areas affected by the industrial facilities (environmental analysis). We offer comprehensive environmental tests, underground water and surface water examinations, as well as examinations of soil, living resources and noise. An important supplement to our portfolio are the measurements of the amount of contaminants released into the environment e.g. amounts and composition of waste water discharged into waters, concentration and characteristics of waste.


It should be noted that the local ground water monitoring network equipment is not compulsory. In a number of cases, as far as possible in view of the actual ground and water conditions, you can save both piezometer installation costs and those related to water sampling and analysis in the subsequent years of operation. Nevertheless, the ground water should be monitored according to the decisions in force. It has been our experience that the decision scope may not be in force until the „technical death” of the structure.



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