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Awards and references


“Best Contractor HSSE Performance” Award from Royal Dutch Shell


In May 2012, in Copenhagen, VICESIMA was presented with Royal Dutch Shell’s “Best Contractor HSSE Performance 2011” award for its outstanding environmental achievements and continuously improving safety levels at Shell petrol stations.


We are honoured to receive the award as it recognises many years of our hard work and the high quality of our services, as well as our efficiency in managing complex projects.

Effective Company

VICESMA the 2016 Effective Company Award


In November 2017 Institute of European Business examined financial results of 70,000 Polish companies. The “Effective Company 2016” title was awarded to 9,028 companies of Other Business Lines whose net profit-to-income ratio was at least 5 per cent and VICESIMA is one of those companies.





Vicesima the 2015 Business Cheetah


Out of 15 325 companies operating in Poland, which financial results were examined by the Institute of European business, the title of the Business Cheetah 2015 was given to the company Vicesima Sp. z.o.o. This is another award, which shows that the quality of our service goes hand in hand with skill and very good management of the Company.


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