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Dokumentacja geologiczna i środowiskowa

Geological, Environmental and Fire Protection Documentation

Based on the experience of their staff VICESIMA provides end-to-end investment services related to geotechnics and engineering geology. We prepare geological documentation for each of the investment stages.


Entrepreneurs who invest their money in industries or real estate need correct property price estimation adequate to the magnitude of the investment. According to our experience the investors do not attach great importance to essential factors which reduce the property value which carry the “environmental burden”. The soil of a non-built-up land lot where production and/or service business was conducted previously may be contaminated. Should the land be prepared for residential housing the necessity to bring the soil quality to the appropriate standards should be accounted for. Elimination of the contamination may sometimes be as expensive as the value of the property itself. In case of industrial plants the additional cost to be taken into account is the adaptation of the equipment and procedures to the legal regulations in force.


It is through our collaboration with a number of foreign concerns that we gained the experience in preparation of documents compliant to the international standards, necessary to assess prices of both land intended for investments or industrial plants to be acquired.


The main documentation types we have prepared include:

  • EIA Screening Report (Karta Informacyjna Przedsięwzięcia - KIP);
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (Ocena Oddziaływania na Środowisko - EIA),
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA),
  • Health & Safety Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (HSEDDA),
  • Remediation Action Plan (Projekt Planu Remediacji - RAP),
  • Remediation Implementation Report
  • Preparation of a local underground water monitoring programme,
  • Periodical examinations of local groundwater monitoring,
  • Protection instructions,
  • Explosion protection document.



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