Vicesima Sp. z o.o.


Health and safety services


Environmental assessments


Geological services for construction


Complex service for petrol station


Training in the scope
of protection of environment


Documentation, raports,
environmental studies


Monitoring of water,
wastewater and air quality



Vicesima Sp. z o.o.


Health and safety services


Environmental assessments


Geological services for construction


Complex service for petrol station


Training in the scope of protection of environment


Documentation, raports, environmental studies


Monitoring of water, wastewater and air quality




VICESIMA is a team of professionals in the field of environmental protection, Health and Safety, risk analysis, technical audits and geology. In our activities we use the latest technologies to assist our customers.

A new perspective on cooperation, specialist support and professionals forming our team are synonyms of brand you can rely on. We are the first Polish organization offering specialized services for industrial companies and small and medium enterprises. We successfully implement consulting projects and training, environmental testing of soil and groundwater primarily in terms of the presence of contaminants. In cooperation with our accredited testing laboratory for environmental research we conduct throughout the Polish soil and groundwater remediation. Based on the latest IT solutions we provide services supporting HEALTH and SAFETY management systems.


PROTECTION OF ENVIRONMENT is an essential aspect of activity for VICESIMA company. Our employees have years of experience in the field of environmental consulting. We offer a wide range of types of investigations and studies related to environmental issues. We do not restrain only to produce documents required by the Polish law.

Due to our co-operation with foreign companies we have priceless experience in preparation of reports compliant to international standards. Such documents are necessary for evaluation of environmental liability related to investment areas and industrial plants. The most important types of studies prepared by our consultants are:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA),
  • Health & Safety Environmental Due Diligence Assessment (HSEDDA),
  • Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC),
  • Preparation of programme for Local Groundwater Monitoring,
  • Periodical Investigations in range of Local Groundwater Monitoring,
  • Calculation of environmental emission fees.
For all companies making business in industry and real estate sector the accurate evaluation of property is critical. Not all investors are aware about essential factor lowering value of property – so-called by us – “environmental mortgage”. In case of not built-up brownfield formerly used for productive or service activities there is probable soil and/or groundwater contamination. If brownfield is to be prepared to living or commercial development, adjusting to suitable soil and groundwater standards should be performed. Cost of such remediation action in some cases reaches a value of property. For running plants additional factor which is to be taken into consideration is an adjusting of facilities and procedures to current legal requirements.
For effective estimation of environmental liability VICESIMA performs complex survey on the basis of historical research and available documentation. If it is necessary our investigation is supported by soil and water sampling. To avoid unnecessary costs, the range of fieldwork as well as chemical analyzes must be a result of risk based analysis supported by archival records and best available knowledge.




VICESIMA Sp. z o.o.

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